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Scala Private Wealth (Scala) is a boutique non-aligned financial planning firm specialised in portfolio management and Real Return Strategies.

The idea behind Scala comes from the  medical practice model.  In essence, we fill a gap in the market for clients that want non-aligned portfolio management. For those clients who want more, Scala can provide solutions through our network of specialists in strategic financial advice or insurance.

Our approach to the client is to be a friend and "asset protector". As a  wealth multi-family office,  we offer a personalised portfolio in line with your objectives, so we limit our services to only a maximum of 50 established high net worth families and 10 future high net worth families.

Scala founder and Portfolio Manager: Fabio Ferro


Scala Private Wealth Pty Ltd

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Clarity Financial Services AFSL 276771

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Privacy Policy

Services and

Solutions - 


Institutional Approach to Your Wealth

Direct Access to Australian and Global Equity Markets

Scala has direct access  to and research on any market in the world.  There is no difference in investing in CBA, Google, Tesla or Nestle for example.

Access to Managed Accounts 

Scala can access institutional managed accounts  and fund managers from some of the best managers in Australia for niche asset classes. 

Access to Alternative Investments

The Real Return strategies employed by Scala include access to non market related investment such as agriculture, private equity, water rights, institutional level real estate and hedge funds.

Direct Access to Australian and Global Bond Markets

Scala has access, including research, to the Australian and International Developed Bond Markets. Also access to money markets for short term cash flows issues are available - with much better terms than term deposits.

Access to institutional only investment offers

For wholesale investors only, Scala can access special offerings usually reserved for institutional investors (Special Trading Operations).


Institutional Transactional  Team

While our transaction costs are within the market average, our transaction process is highly sophisticated with alghoritmic trading searching the best price and over the

counter institutional facilities.


In house and institutional research both at investment market level and at macro intelligence level. We use the best systems in the world - a unique feature.

Bespoke Solutions

Scala can access any solution you need from investment to tax deductible products.

For expats and clients that travel freuently we can create portfolios in different currencies.

Investment Excellence

Scala is a specialist in Real Return Investment strategies. Scala has an unconstrained investment approach in order to achieve your objectives, but always in line with your risk profile.  The classic "Buy and Hold" strategy that the big investment houses always sell you, does not work (for you) , as a simple graph of the ASX200 2006-2016 can easily show.


Portfolio management in the average Australian financial planning practice is considered secondary as the index, in the last 10 years up to 30 December 2013, has delivered an average gain of 9.2%pa. It is paramount to understand that this amazing performance has been driven by the mining boom and the stellar real estate growth which pushed the Australian banks and miners to great valuations. Now that everything is slowing down, you need to take more care of your assets than ever before - especially if you are in retirement or approaching it. 

As an example, BHP Billiton fell almost 75% from its average high and and also the banking sector is now -12% year on year (May 15 to May 16). These positions regrettably represent 70% of the average Australian investor portfolio (font: ASX).

In order to apply this strategy to portfolio management, we use state of the art technology and personal networks that have been developed through 20+ years of global investment experience that allows us to directly access to all the major markets in the world with NAB as main custodian.

As proof of the alignment of interest between Scala and its clients, the fee structure Scala applies incorporates both a basic asset base fee and a performance fee that is individually tailored to the clients’ objectives and agreed with each client upon starting their relationship with Scala.

The future is quite different and you need to understand it as shown in our investment philosophy.

​The question is usually how do I know if the advisor is a good asset allocator? It is a resonable question and you can easily solve it by going and reading Fabio's over 3 year investment blog


Visionary Thinking

Visionary Thinking is synonymous with Scala. It is our strategy for maintaining a long-term outlook, along with our culture of being prepared for and embracing change. Visionary Thinking enables Scala to stay ahead of the curve. We are always looking to expand our knowledge base to aid our understanding of the forces changing our world. In doing so, we can anticipate potential obstacles and opportunities and be prepared with a useful position and response to aid our clients in the future.

An example is the autonomous electric car and its consequences. The car has always been considered a private mean of transport due to driving and insurance. Once most of the commuter cars will be autonomous, there will be much less need of "private cars". In 20 years it is estimated that in the developed world there will be circa 50% of the cars currently on our road. This simple fact has ramification on industries, energy, taxation  and even currencies (as the power of the USD is basically founded on the use of the USD as "petrodollar"). This change will be minimal for a period of time, but then it will be like an avalanche similar to what happened with the newspaper/media industry, but with much bigger consequences. Are you and your adviser prepared for the change? 


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Scala Private


GPO Box 55

Highett VIC 3190

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Tel:  +61-401-471-968


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